The quality, environment and safety politics

With the goal to improve the quality of products and services, since June 2000 the company, the first achieved in the field, got the quality certification ISO9001, now updated to the 2000 law. In September 2004, Marmi Lanza obtained also the certification ISO14001:2004 for environment and OHSAS18001:1999 for the safety.
The success of the company is strictly related to the ability to meet at best the customer’s requirements, for the advantage not only of the owners, but of all people who works for the firm.
Ciascuno nell’ambito della propria operatività è pertanto chiamato a dare il proprio contributo, operando nel rispetto delle mansioni e delle procedure stabilite, affinché l’azienda possa:

- Propose a wide range of items in terms of :
     - Materials (national and imported marble and granite)
     - Size (raw blocks, slabs, tiles, cut to size)
     - Finishing (rough, polished, flamed, antik, resined)

- Work on the market considering all the several ranges : dealers, constructors, private
- Support the customer with its own experience, providing information, suggestion, proposal and reply in the suitable and fastest way.
- Meet the agreements and the policies with the customer regarding product and service (including delivery terms, packing and transport)
- Update continuously its own plants, in order to improve the quality of the products and optimize the processing, and as a consequence, keep down the costs.
- Innovating its own products, with the purpose to provide the customer with continuously new solutions.

- Give a full engagement to the containment and prevention of environment pollution :
     - Rationalizing the use of assets to avoid damaging wastages
     - Managing their own activities and the production plants in order to minimize the negative environmental impact
     - Privileging, where possible, technical solution that reduces the negative environmental impact

- Working with the observance of the environmental law and enforceable rulements
- Privileging a precautionary approaching to the problems and improving continuously the system working through corrective acts in order to avoid that possible non compliance the repetition
- Acting with the observance of the prescribed rules regarding safety and propriety of the working environment, safeguarding the workers and visitors in order to prevent injury and accident risks.